Afua Hill, Principal

Principal's Message

At the heart of The Ronald E. McNair community you will find a dedicated team of
administrators, staff, parents and students who work collaboratively to make our school a special
place. Together, we are committed to building a warm, nurturing school environment that is
conducive to learning. It is our mission to ensure the academic success of every student. Our
rigorous curriculum prepares students by teaching useful skills needed in school and in the real
world. Our school community share in the belief that critical thinking, effective verbal and
written communication, and collaboration are life skills students will need as they grow and
We are proud of the community we have built for our Pre-K through 8th grade students, which
allows for a seamless transition from elementary to middle school. The relationships we have
built with students make elementary and middle school students feel like they are part of a
smaller community within a larger school.
We recognize the importance of teaching our students how to be positive, productive citizens.
This is reinforced by our school mantra, “Rockets are! Respectful, Responsible, Role Models.”
This expression is repeated by our students and helps them understand the importance of
showcasing their best self at all times. We are committed to building our students’ self-esteem
by setting high expectations and giving our students the support they need to reach their
maximum potential.
The home school connection is essential for student success. We look forward to building
supportive relationships with you while your child attends The Ronald McNair School.

La Keisha Riggins, Assistant Principal

Assistant Principal's Message

Greetings, as the Assistant Principal of the Ronald E. McNair School, I have the pleasure of seeing our community nurture and launch leaders of tomorrow every day. As educators we believe that every child has a unique gift and purpose. Therefore, we understand that we have been charged with the responsibility to assist them in developing their academic and social emotional skills. The Ronald E. McNair community takes the necessary time to nurture each of our scholars through this process. We believe that each child is capable of learning to their highest potential given the appropriate opportunities and support from their community.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every student at the Ronald McNair E. School is a well-rounded individual ready to lead. We set high expectations and provide access for all our students as well as the learning community which includes our families. From the beginning we have understood that this work means we must focus on providing social emotional development and support for all members of our community. We practice Restorative Justices, Brain Power and Sanford Harmony to provide that support.

The Ronald E. McNair School is a Pre-K – 8 community. We have the honor of supporting and educating our students from early childhood through adolescence. When they leave our school community, they are ready and well prepared to overcome any challenges. They will continue to be lifelong learners, problem solvers and strive for excellence in all that they do.