Principal's Corner - February, 2018


Dear Parents/Guardians,

I would like to extend my appreciation to the families who have completed the NYC School Survey.  The surveys give us an understanding of what members of our school community say about the learning environment at our school and how we can continue to strive for student achievement.

April is National Poetry Month.  Students will be encouraged to share their favorite poems with others throughout the month.  This month is a great time for families to devote their attention to reading, writing and speaking.  It is so important for students to read a variety of complex reading materials.  We must allow our children time to write and talk about the literature they read to demonstrate an understanding of text.

We continue to encourage you to help to strengthen your child's reading and writing abilities using the following strategies:

  • Read to get the gist
  • Reread to find significant moments
  • Reread to interpret the ideas in the text
  • Reread to cite specific evidence from the text

Encourage your children to share their reading and writing with you.  We want to build confident readers and writers.

Parents please also continue to review the Citywide Behavioral Expectations with your children.  Students must be reminded of the standards of behavior which they are expected to uphold and the consequences if these standards are not met.  The Citywide Behavioral Expectations can be accessed online at

Please be reminded that the Ronald McNair School is a uniformed school.  All students are expected to wear uniform attire daily:

  • Grades K-5: White shirt/blouse, burgundy ties, burgundy sweater/vest, grey pants/skirts
  • Grades 6-8: Black Shirt/blouse, grey pants/skirts

Students must arrive to school no later than 7:55am daily in order for our day to begin at 8:00am.  Our arrival entrances are open from 7:45am to 8:00am.

Please be aware of the two new stop lights located on 116th Avenue on 218th Street and 219th Street as you drop off and pick up your children.  Please speak with your children about being safe and the importance of following the signals as they cross the street.

It is with bittersweet feelings that we announce our parent coordinator, Mr. Pressey, has accepted another position and is no longer with our school community.  We wish Mr. Pressey well and would like to thank him for the work he has done for our school and our students.

Some important dates to remember:

April 11th-12th: NYS English Language Arts Test Grades 3-8

April 12th: Participatory Budget Voting at the Alpha Senior Center 220th Street & Linden Blvd 11am-2pm

May 1st-2nd: NYS Mathematics Test Grades 3-8

May 4th: Final Payment for 8th Grade Senior Dues



Afua Hill